Paddle tour Staffelsee
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Canoe and SUP tour on the Staffelsee

Picturesque tour around the lake with idyllic places and great swimming spots, approx. 25 km

The most beautiful canoe and SUP tours in Bavaria ⦿Bavaria, Upper Bavaria

Tour data
Distance: approx. 25 km
Stages: 1
~ Body of water: Staffelsee

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Paddle and SUP tour around the Staffelsee

The idyllic Staffelsee with its islands lies on the edge of the enchanting Murnauer Moos. The peaks of the Ester and Ammer mountains loom in the background. The fascination of the landscape inspired painters such as Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, August Macke and Gabriele Münter shortly after the turn of the century. Kandinsky had bought a house in Murnau and later created the "Blauer Reiter" with Franz Marc, the most important program magazine of classical modernism. Paddlers can enjoy the lovely landscape even without an easel and paintbrush and appreciate the lake and its islands. Because of the warm water, the Staffelsee is a popular bathing destination.

What should I bear in mind when paddling on the Staffelsee tour?

Navigable all year round, observe current navigation bans and rules, land immediately in the event of a storm warning.

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