canua Edition PLUSThe PLUS of functions

✔︎ 99 Stopovers

✔︎ Export routes

✔︎ Watercourse

✔︎ Map style satellite

✔︎ Offline maps

✔︎ Save routes

✔︎ Import routes

✔︎ Share tracks

With canua you are well-informed when you go out on the water and on water tours with canoe, kayak and stand-up paddle. canua contains the entire canoe database of the German Canoe Federation. It is linked with functions for planning and recording paddling tours and much more.

The canoe database, recording and saving your tracks, easy route planning and many other basic functions are available in the free app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

If you activate the canua Edition PLUS, the app offers you many more functions when planning. A route can then contain up to 99 stopovers, you can save your route and thus create the individual stages several days in advance, export and import your routes and use the GPX data in other apps.

You can also save map­sections of your routes, making you completely independent of network­coverage, and with the map styles, contour lines and satellite, and weather forecast, you can capture the locations even better.

canua Edition PLUS


99 Intermediate­stops

Plan complex routes
  • up to 99 stops, 101 points total
  • several waters
  • Drag & Drop

canua Edition PLUS

The route points can be positioned as desired and moved directly on the map with your finger. Set your own start and destination points and plan your routes independently of the existing route points.

Edition PLUS

Offline maps and routes

Always have required maps and information visible
  • Save map sections
  • Save route sections
  • Including water info

canua Edition PLUS

Saved map sections including objects, waters and info are always available, regardless of the current network quality.

Edition PLUS Offline-Karten und -Routen

Save routes

Create stages and alternative routes
  • Save route
  • Send route by e-mail to the nearest kilometre
  • Save associated map section

canua Edition PLUS

All saved routes contain the route with the length and estimated journey time, all stops, the starting water and the course of the water. When you go out on the water, you always have the route on the map in front of you and navigate safely to your destination.

Edition PLUS Route speichern

GPX import and export

Create connections
  • Import routes
  • Export routes
  • Export tracks
  • Everything in standard GPX format

canua Edition PLUS

Plan a route and send it to everyone you travel with. Exported tracks can also be imported as a route and others can then follow your exact tracks.

All features in comparison

The canua versions for Android and iOS still differ from each other in some functions. In the following table, this is noted directly at the feature. If you have any questions or comments, please send us an eMail to send.

Freecanua Edition PLUS
Canoe database✔️✔️
Paddling-related advertising
from the editorial office of the DKV
Info rivers✔️✔️
Info objects✔️✔️
Filter objects✔️✔️
Watercourse catalogue (A-Z)✔️✔️
Search for waters✔️✔️
Search for places
(iOS only)
Flow direction
Speed at the track (iOS only)✔️✔️
Record tracks✔️✔️
Photos when recording
aufnehmen (nur iOS)
Save tracks✔️✔️
Import tracks (GPX)✔️✔️
Send tracks to your eFB✔️✔️
Plan route✔️✔️
Accurate to the kilometre
Route History (iOS only)
Kilometres of stops
(Android only)
Save route1Any
Weather info at the
Short info
(nur iOS)
Send and print
(iOS only)
Export route (GPX)✔️
Import route (GPX)✔️
Export tracks (GPX)–️✔️
Offline maps✔️
Accurate to the kilometre
Map style contour lines✔️
Map style satellite✔️
How-to / FAQ✔️✔️

The canua Edition PLUS is a subscription as an in-app purchase and is only available within canua. We offer it on a yearly and weekly basis, so you can buy it to suit your paddling habits. The subscription renews automatically, but you can cancel it at any time up to 24 hours before it expires in your App Store or Play Store.

All current prices, including special offers and discounts, are available within the app canua.


Subscription conditions

The payment is made as an in-app purchase via the AppleID with which you are logged in to the iOS device or via the Google account with which you are logged in to the Google Play Store. After the purchase, you can use the features immediately. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is deactivated at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. For Apple, the option to deactivate is in your AppStore account settings. For Android, in the Play Store, the options to manage purchases are in the Payments and Subscriptions menu item.


canua Edition PLUS