Advertise in canua

✔︎ Reach canoeists directly on the water or during tour planning

✔︎ Targeted advertising close to the location

✔︎ Be visible in the midst of POIs important to paddlers

✔︎ 100% the right target group: 1.4 million paddlers

✔︎ The right advertising format for every partner – combinable with other DKV media

✔︎ Benefit from the network of the German Canoe Federation

Vorteile als Werbepartner

The advertising opportunities in canua

Premium Partner

Exclusively for one supplier
  • App description and start screen
  • Interstitial at app start
  • Sponsored Tour
  • Location Based Ad
  • Sponsored Listing

For brand manufacturers, tourism associations

Premium Partner

Banner Ad

Banner on homepage and in water search
  • Banner 200 pixel height
  • Rotation with max. 10 providers
  • Display in partner overview

For brand manufacturers, online retailers, service providers.

Banner Ad

Standortbezogene Anzeige

Banners in the regional environment of a water body in search results
  • Banner, 200px, in objects and water description
  • One of 50 regions – Rotation with max. 3 per region
  • Gesponserte Auflistung
  • Display in partner overview

For dealers, canoe rental companies, camping, hotels, manufacturers

Location Based Ad

Gesponserte Auflistung

Inclusion in water database with info & banner
  • Highlighting in map compared to standard objects
  • Banner in object description
  • Possible for providers near water bodies
  • Display in partner overview

For camping, canoe rental, restaurants, hotels

Advice and price information: Ms Sabine Egermann (DKV), phone: +49 203 9975951, e-mail: