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Use the world's best canoe database for your paddling trips. Learn about the waters, record your trips and plan new tours. The TouchingCode and the German Canoe Federation presentcanua, the app for everyone who travels the rivers, lakes and canals of Europe by canoe, kayak and stand-up paddle.

Canua is free in the basic version and available for iOS and Android. Additional functions can be unlocked with the PLUS edition.

Canua | Die App für alle Paddler
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Keeping an eye on everything on the water

By paddlers for paddlers

The best source of information for paddling

The precise waters­information and Canua's detailed maps contain everything you need to plan, record, then navigate paddles and inspire others.

River descriptions and mileage, entrances and exits, navigability, weirs, locks, obstacles, campsites, tours and paddling regions are always at hand and up-to-date with Canua.

The rivers and lakes of Europe are waiting for you

Canua provides general information and on-the-spot details for more than 4000 paddleable waters in over 20 countries in Europe, and new rivers, canals, lakes and waters are being added all the time.

For example, in addition to the waters of Germany and neighboring countries, the rivers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Spain, the Baltic countries and Corsica are included, as well as the 2850 km long course of the Danube from its source to its mouth in the Black Sea.

Ein- und Aussetzen an der Useriner Mühle

Functions of canua

Uwe is planning a tour on the Lahn loop near Weilburg

Weltbeste Kanudatenbank

Over 150,000 geopoints of concentrated water knowledge are on the map. These are linked to functions for your orientation and tour planning.

For more than 5000 waters you get the most detailed descriptions and tips for navigation.

Record tours

Record your above-ground movements directly with your smartphone's GPS.

A few changes in the settings and your phone creates excellent tracks of your paddle and stand-up trips. You can transfer them to your electronic logbook.

Routen planen

Set a route in the map and then paddle according to it.

You can set the start and finish on a geopoint, determine intermediate destinations or set the points freely on the water. Then see how many kilometers it is and how long it will take you.

Join the canoe database

Participate and keep the canoe database up to date is very easy directly at each geopoint and each water body.

All messages are processed by the DKV water editor and the changes appear in canua after a short time.

Water catalog

If you have an overview­human, you will immediately find all the waters you love and the ones you will love in our alphabetically sorted waters catalog.

The water catalog knows all spellings and all names of the waters. Browse the list or search specifically and find great paddling destinations.

Attract more people to the water

Share your planned route and recorded tracks with others and invite them to join you on the water.

Canua automatically creates for you a description of the route with the most important POIs and a map section.

Not all features are available on all platforms, some features require the canua Edition PLUS. More information about the Edition PLUS including a feature overview is available athere.

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