Paddle tour Kochelsee
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Canoe and SUP round trip on Lake Kochel

Varied day round trip in great, partly rugged mountain scenery.

The most beautiful canoe and SUP tours in Bavaria ⦿Bavaria, Upper Bavaria

Distance: approx. 12 km
Stages: 1
~ Water body: Kochelsee


Paddle tour, Round trip, SUP: Kochelsee

Kochel is proud of its folk hero "Schmid von Kochel", the leader of the Sendling peasant uprising. Lake Kochel's sights and spectacular surroundings make it an ideal base camp. To the north stretches the vast Loisach-Kochelsee moor, to the east stretches the long ridge of the Benediktenwand, and to the south beckons the Walchensee, the Mecca of windsurfers. Fed by cold deep water from the Walchensee power plant, the nearly six-square-kilometer Kochelsee warms to only a modest 18 degrees in summer. Nevertheless, it's a good place to swim in summer. And attractive paddling waters such as the Isar, Loisach, Ammer and Staffelsee are only a stone's throw away.

What should be considered when paddling on the Kochelsee tour?

Can be paddled year-round, observe protective measures on the north shore, be careful during summer thunderstorms.

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