Paddle tour Traun
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Charming paddling tour: Traun

Mountain stages in the shadow of Lake Chiemsee, approx. 30 km

The most beautiful canoe and SUP tours in Bavaria ⦿Bavaria, Upper Bavaria

Tour data
Distance: approx. 30 km
Stages: 3
~ Body of water: Traun

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Level-dependent paddling tour with WW in the upper part of the Traun

The Traun rises in the Chiemgau Alps south of Ruhpolding and flows into the Alz near Altenmarkt after a 45-kilometer course. The small river is somewhat hidden behind the Chiemsee, yet runs through a landscape of particular charm. Around the Traun are small castles, palaces and sacred buildings from different eras.

For the first five kilometers below the beautiful lakes, Weitsee and Mittersee, the Weiße Traun is accompanied by the German Alpine Road. It then flows through the well-known tourist resort of Ruhpolding and further on via Eisenärtz to Siegsdorf, a beautiful valley between the mountains. Canoes are rarely used on this easy stretch of white water, as the water level is only sufficient during the snowmelt. The standard route for touring paddlers begins at the confluence of the Roter and Weißer Traun rivers at the northern end of the village near the swimming pool and parking lot. The road to Traunstein accompanies the river on the right, the cycle path runs on the left. Two weirs hinder the journey to Traunstein. In the bridge area of the town, some rapids provide variety. The Traun then winds its way through the Mühltal valley away from the larger connecting roads. Unfortunately, a lot of water flows into the mill canal at both mills, so you may have difficulties with the depth of the water in the riverbed. Before the Aigninger bridge, two weirs have to be raised in a double pack. It is possible to get on at the bridge. The Traun flows through a wooded area with a fast current and natural banks.


  • Laubau-Siegsdorf WW I-II ... 4 km
  • Siegsdorf (swimming pool) - bridge at Aigning ... 12 km
  • Bridge at Aigning - bridge at Stein ... 13 km
  • What should I bear in mind when paddling the Tour Traun?

    The best time is during the snowmelt and after heavy rainfall, pay attention to the water level, several weirs, obstacles, rapids, partly WW I-II.

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