Paddle tour Lech
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Paddling tour on the river Lech

2 independent short trips near Schongau and Landsberg

The most beautiful canoe and SUP tours in Bavaria ⦿Bavaria, Allgäu and Bavarian Swabia

Distance: 8-13 km and 5 km
Stages: 2
~ Water body: Lech


Paddle tour: Lech

The Lech, in Tyrol a veritable wild river, has been almost completely equipped with barrages and used by the energy industry in the last 50 years. However, those who consider the Lech to be uninteresting for canoeing are mistaken. Short flowing stretches allow certain wild river feelings to arise. The impounded stretches can also inspire nature lovers. At times, one feels as if one is in the wilderness of Canada on these lake-like sections, especially since beavers and waterfowl have created a habitat here that leaves us paddlers in awe.

What should be considered when paddling on the Tour Lech?

Can be paddled all year round, some surge sections, observe prohibitions on entering the banks, avoid shallow water zones.

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