Paddle tour Wolfsteiner Ohe
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Wolfsteiner Ohe

Challenging white water in a magnificent landscape.

The most beautiful canoe and SUP tours in Bavaria ⦿Bavaria, Eastern Bavaria

Distance: approx. 17 or 20 km
Stages: 2
~ Water body: Wolfsteiner Ohe


Wolfsteiner Ohe

The Wolfsteiner Ohe in the Bavarian Forest is the largest tributary of the Ilz and forms its own river system. In its section described here, the Ohe is a typical forest and meadow river that meanders towards the Ilz, repeatedly interrupted by small mill weirs. At appropriate water levels it offers challenging white water through varied nature with wild gorges and deep forests.

What should be considered when paddling on the Wolfsteiner Ohe tour?

Best time: spring and after heavy rainfall, weirs, tree obstacles, water levels, WW I-II depending on water level.

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