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Paddling tour - Mirow traditional tours

Lakes, lakes, lakes and quiet runs on the Mirower waters, 5 trips.

The most beautiful canoe tours in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ⦿Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Distance: approx. 89 km
Stages: 5
~ Waters: Mirower waters


Paddling tour, multi-day tour: Mirower Traditionstouren

In the 80s of the last century, Mirow was always firmly in the hands of canoeists at Pfingsten. In those years, the Motor Süd Neubrandenburg sports club organized a paddling Pfingst meeting for hundreds of canoeists, most of whom came from the northern half of the GDR. Equipped with camping gear and folding boats, most of them squeezed into the railroad cars, which were overcrowded at the Pfingsten. From the train station, it was a half-hour drive to the campsite on Lake Mirow, just outside the city. The organizing committee of the paddle meeting had also occupied the neighboring youth hostel. The campsite and youth hostel still exist today. The latter was extensively renovated in 2000 at great expense to meet ecological standards.

What should be observed when paddling on the Mirower Traditionstouren tour?

Observe shore access rules, There are some locks to master, partly boat tows are available or a boat trolley can be borrowed. Do not sail the Müritz in strong winds!

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