Paddle tour Feldberg → Lychen → Himmelpfort
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Paddling tour - Feldberg → Lychen → Himmelpfort.

Ice Age lake and hill landscape par excellence, approx. 100 km.

The most beautiful canoe tours in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ⦿Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Distance: approx. 100 km
Stages: 6
~ Waters: Feldberg and Lychen waters


Paddling tour, multi-day trip: Feldberg → Lychen → Himmelpfort

The Feldberg lakes are among the most beautiful lakes in Mecklenburg, charming in all seasons. In a relatively small area, inner and outer Baltic terminal moraines meet here, forming a series of magnificent lakes in a diverse landscape. It often feels like being in a low mountain range. The hills reach close to the lakes and it is this unique mixture of lake and hill landscape paired with other scenery worth seeing that has been attracting vacationers to Feldberg for a good hundred years. The tour contains many suggestions for exploration on water and 6 extensively described paddling stages.

What should be considered when paddling on the tour Feldberg → Lychen → Himmelpfort?

≋ Nature reserve, paddling on the Küstriner Bach is only permitted downstream at levels above 30 cm at weir Küstrinchen. The water level can be checked at the Brandeburg State Office for the Environment

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