Paddling tour The Mecklenburg Great Lakes
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Paddling tour: The large lakes of Mecklenburg

A journey of discovery for young and old from Lake Plau to the southern tip of the Müritz.

The most beautiful canoe tours in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ⦿Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Tour data
Distance: approx. 122 km
Stages: 5
~ Waters: Mecklenburg's large lakes

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Canoe tour, multi-day tour: The Mecklenburg Great Lakes

Fortunately, we are standing on a safe observation platform. Because I have a queasy feeling in my stomach when I see the colossi storming up to the feeding site with their heads lowered to the ground and their tails standing upright. Woe betide anyone who disregards the landing ban in the Damerower Werder nature reserve and comes face to face with an old bison - then the only thing to do is to flee into the water. In the numerous indoor and outdoor museums that can be visited during this multi-day tour, there is a lot to learn and experience about the landscape and the past and present inhabitants and their activities.

What should I bear in mind when paddling on the tour The Mecklenburg Great Lakes?

Paddling tours on the Mecklenburg Great Lakes are highly dependent on the weather, dangerous winds can arise quickly. Stronger winds cause high waves that break dangerously, especially on the groynes at the entrances and exits to the lakes. Do not paddle on the large lakes in such weather!

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