Paddle tour Ruhr (Ruhr area)
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Ruhr (Ruhr area)

Multi-day tour for the whole family from Wetter to Essen.

The most beautiful canoe tours in North Rhine-Westphalia ⦿North Rhine-Westphalia

Tour data
Distance: 61 km
Stages: 5
~ Waters: Ruhr

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Ruhr (Ruhr area)

The "new" Ruhr region is an exciting mix of natural, cultural and leisure landscapes. Its namesake is no exception. The banks of the Ruhr are largely undeveloped, and in places the river landscape even appears almost unspoiled. Nevertheless, historic old towns with good restaurants, top-class museums and other sights invite you to go ashore. Boat slides at several weirs ensure safe fun and save you the hassle of portages. Last but not least, the numerous canoe clubs and campsites allow you to plan your own individual stages. All this makes the middle and lower reaches of the Ruhr the ideal hiking river for the whole family.

What should I bear in mind when canoeing on the Tour Ruhr (Ruhr region)?

Can be paddled all year round, except in extremely high water, observe navigation and bank access regulations, several weirs, many of them with boat channels.

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