Paddling tour Lippe upper course
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Lippe upper reaches

Long tour with a fast current and rapids from Paderborn-Sande to Lippstadt.

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Tour data
Distance: approx. 31 km
Stages: 1-2
~ Water: Lippe

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Lippe headwaters

The Lippe rises west of the Eggegebirge mountains near Bad Lippspringe and flows westwards as a typical lowland river between the Münsterland and Ruhr regions to flow into the Rhine near Wesel. Thanks to extensive renaturation measures, the once heavily straightened course of the river is now once again a delight with countless, varied river meanders in a charming meadow and meadow landscape with beautiful gravel banks and a diverse waterfowl population.

What should I bear in mind when paddling the Lippe Oberlauf tour?

Can be paddled all year round, in many places it is forbidden to enter the river bank, there are several navigable rapids or rapids, several weirs can be paddled if necessary, otherwise you have to paddle around them briefly.

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