Paddle tour Lippe middle course
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Lippe middle course

On the Lippe from Werne-Stockum to Lünen-Beckinghausen (Westphalia-Lippe)

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Tour data
Distance: 17.5 km
Stages: 1
~ Body of water: Lippe

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Lippe middle course

Easy, absolutely beginner- and family-friendly trip on the particularly scenic middle reaches of the Lippe near Werne. On the way, only a short portage over land at the weir near Evenkamp needs to be mastered, otherwise there is a lot of greenery, as the Lippe meanders lonely in wide loops through various nature reserves. Away from the water, the attractive and cozy town centres of Werne and Lünen await a visit.

What should I bear in mind when paddling the Lippe Mittellauf tour?

Evenkamp weir can be bypassed via a meadow. Registration required for the nature reserves on the route.

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